Oscar and the wolf playing “Orange Sky” live@Pias Nites. 25/08/12. Antwerp.

In art school I met a musician named Jonas Frederik Jos. He graduated as an animator at the almighty Sint Lukas in Brussels. I studied film so from time to time we ended up in the same class together. Occasionally I used to meet him at shows and I also heard about his band called JFJ. I really like what he’s doing with JFJ and the guy has a unique sounding voice. To make this clip I had to go to Leuven, JFJ was playing a show at STUK. I’ve spend way too many years in that city & it felt weird being back. Somehow it was nice knowing that I was leaving the city again that same night. At sunset JFJ was sound checking, so we decided to go to the city park cause I knew that there would be some streetlights offering us enough light to shoot a clip. Somewhere else in the park a drunken hobo was playing the guitar. At first I was worried about this, but eventually the hobo added some extra texture to the song and it sounds pretty rad. JFJ/ Jonas Frederik Jos played his song “DRIVE ME THROUGH THE NIGHT” in front of my lens. Enjoy this clip and check out this band! They’re worth it. xo.   

A while ago my friends in the band Filler asked me to join them when they were playing as support act for THE BLACK BOX REVELATION in Luxembourg City. I thought this would be a good opportunity to try to shoot a clip with the headlining band as well, so I asked Wim (Filler) to take his acoustic guitar with him just in case. Once arrived at the venue, BLACK BOX was sound checking and we hung out with Didier, their tour manager and also the guy who used to play drums in Losing Streak. I asked him if there would be a way to shoot an acoustic clip with Jan & Dries from Black Box. He said to me that he would do his best to make it happen. 15 minutes later Jan & Dries told me they were up for it & in front of my lens they played “RATTLE MY HEART”. What struck me that night was that they both are just regular dudes having the time of their lives & that they’re without a doubt Belgium’s hardest working band of the moment. On the 10th & 11th of April they will be playing Belgium again after a 5 week US-tour, so get your ass over to AB and support this band. Enjoy this clip! xo.

Here’s a second live video for OSCAR & THE WOLF. Together with Grégoire Verbeke and Yves F. Peeters, I filmed their show at PIAS Nites in Brussels. They actually just got signed by Pias and they’ll start recording for a new record soon enough. If I’m not mistaking this is a new song, called “WASH YOUR FACE” and it gives you a glimp of what this band will have to offer in the near future. So keep your eyes open. Enjoy the clip. xo.   

A few years ago a friend of mine showed me a clip for a song called MOLTEN LIGHT, by a certain CHAD VANGAALEN. I didn’t know who he was but my friend told me that I probably would like him because he’s an illustrator making his own crazy clips. She was right. I thought his drawnings were amazing and I was fascinated by his way of making folky sounding tunes accompanied by his experimental touch using old school gear and circuit bents. Two weeks ago he did a small European tour and I managed to get him in front of my lens. I’m proud to say that this is the first Sub Pop-artist I could do a video with. I guess this label and their bands obliged me to start listening to good music at the age of ten. I must admit I kind of fucked up a little on this one.  It was a pretty hazy day, running around in the city searching for acoustic guitars and missing parts. But still the track sounds amazing and I think that this version is even better than the original one. He did the song “WEIGHED SIN”, a track just released on the split ep together with Xiu Xiu called “The Green Corridor 2”. I also want to thank the following people for helping me out with this one: Pieter (Trix), Wim (Heartbreaktunes) and Etjen  (Just like your mom-tour support). Without them this wouldn’t have been possible. Enjoy the clip. xo.    

I asked OSCAR & THE WOLF if I could film bits of their show at Pias Nites. They arranged two extra passes so that I could film their show together with partners in crime, Yves F. Peeters & Grégoire Verbeke. Marc Combraa was sound mixer during the show. Oscar & the wolf just simply blew me away that night. When Yves & I were driving back home we heard a song of their set on the radio station Studio Brussel & it sounded amazing. I got back home & listened to the audio files of their set over and over again.  These dudes are up to something extraordinary. Check them out & enjoy the live clip for their song “MOONSHINE”.   

Here’s a new live clip of Title Fight’s set in Antwerp. This time I picked out “Symmetry”. Enjoy the clip. 

Last summer a band called Charlie Jones’ Big Band asked me to join them when they were playing a festival in Holland. I got in the van.
Our stay at the festival didn’t really go according to plan. Although it was crowded and Charlie Jones’ Big Band did a great job, the festival kind of sucked. After their show we drove around the festival area looking for a peaceful and quiet spot where we could shoot a song. By the water Charlie Jones himself played on his own the song “GIVE UP”. After all the shit we had to go through at the festival, we were finally blessed with a beautiful moment to end the day with. Enjoy. xo. 

The location was the backstage area of Antwerps venue De Roma. I had just filmed & recorded a song with her. The manager enters the room & checks if everything went according plan. She takes a deep breath & smiles.

T: Are you coming to the show tonight?

I was afraid that question might come & and suddenly a certain awkwardness reared its head in the room.

Me: Euhm, no I don’t have a ticket.

The show was sold out, so …
She looks at me & then turns her head. Something is on her mind.

T: But do you wanna come? Are aren’t you that interested? 
I was shocked by her question. Would I have given her the impression not being blown away by the performance she just did? Damn.

Me: Euhm no,  I mean, …

There’s awkwardness again.

Me: Yes, if you’ll put me on the guestlist I’ll come to the show.

She smiles & walks to her manager.

T: Fix it.

TRIXIE WHITLEY certainly knows how to score points. Here she is with a song called “FOURTH CORNER”. Enjoy! xo.

In august last year I lived for six weeks in an apartment of two friends of mine who were travelling through India. I had this plan to invite musicians and make short clips of them playing music in the apartment. Because of bad time-management and noticing that a lot of the more mainstream Belgian musicians are spoiled brats I had to postpone this project. But one guy actually spend an afternoon and evening at the apartment, namely Bert Dockx from the band FLYING HORSEMAN. It’s hard to describe the music of this band. It sounds bluesy and folky, a band like 16 horsepower comes to mind, but Bert Dockx’s interest in noise and jazz is also present in the sound of this band.  

At the time he was working on new material for a new album. At this point the album is finished and will be released in April. He played three songs that day, all songs that weren’t actually finished yet. I’ve chosen to release a song called “REVOLUTIONARY ROAD” because I absolutely fell in love with this track and I’m also really happy with the video I’ve made for it. Afterwards a friend and me joined him in the building where the band practices. We got on the rooftop of this building, I love rooftops but this one was pretty high. We ended the day watching the skyline of Antwerp. Check out Flying Horseman and enjoy this clip. xo.